13/08/2011 |A short statement

Posted by SLN

- ...

If you choose to support those who rip other people's work in a few moments –via the use of automated tools to a vastly inferior standard– instead of those who spend hours, days, weeks, months and years slaving away over the finer details, then soon there will be no work for them to rip; at least none where there’s a concern for accuracy. That’s all really.

19/11/2009 |I'm still alive

Posted by SLN

- Somewhere, somehow, ...

No, this is not the announcement of a new texture update. My studies have kept me way too busy in recent years, and after completing them last summer, I now find myself in the situation of having a daytime job and a bit of track texturing here and there in the late hours (like the upcoming Jerez track - see TL Tracks and VirtualR).

I simply do not have the time or energy to work on extra track texture sets, unless I give up that bit of night rest I still have. I'm still around, though, so I haven't disappeared or given up on the simracing and rFactor community. I'm still active, and every now and then you'll see bits of my work popping up here and there, but I doubt I'll ever have the necessary time to work on the kind of track texture updates like I had been doing since early 2001.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their support over the years. I would never have been able to keep devoting a huge chunk of my free time in this website and its content without you. Thanks!

18/08/2008 |Montreal 2008 v1 Released

Posted by SLN

- About time I posted here...

The Lonely and I have released an update of ISI's Montreal track. It includes both 2D (textures) as 3D (layout and more) changes and is available on rFactor Central.

31/12/2007 |Putnam Park Released

Posted by SLN

- Best wishes for 2008...

Global Motorsport Technologies have released Putnam Park! Head over to rFactorCentral to grab it.

13/12/2007 |Quiet times

Posted by SLN

- A few words...

Due to circumstantial events, I highly doubt that I will be able to release any texture updates in the near distant future.
I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me over the last six years, but this year I have been working exclusively on big projects, such as the Vanport track. I simply do not have the necessary time to work on projects from scratch and texture updates. Since my last texture update - Bathurst, exactly four months ago - I have been inundated with requests for texture updates for specific tracks, and I painfully had to send negative replies. It was really time for a news update to let everyone know.

However, I will not be gone. I will still be working on those bigger projects, so things may get extremely quiet at this place.

01/12/2007 |Vanport Adverts

Posted by SLN

- Released...

Check the Tracks - Vanport page for some realistic adverts for GMT's Vanport (Portland) track.

02/09/2007 |Putnam Park: WIP

Posted by SLN

- Working hard, behind secret screens...

After the recent release mania of both the Nordschleife track and the PCC07 mod, The Lonely and I thought it might be a nice idea to keep the community in this rollercoaster ride for a little while longer. That's why we are publicly announcing heavy construction of the Putnam Park track, a club track which has been graced by famous drivers, in Indiana, USA.

Post at RSC.

30/08/2007 |Life signs

Posted by SLN

- I'm not dead...

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive. I haven't been able to get any work done on the upcoming releases, even though I have had a lot of time. The main reason is that I have been working very hard on some track textures (behind secret scenes). More information will be posted at a later stage, and I apologize for the lack of updates.

12/08/2007 |Bathurst V2

Posted by SLN

- Finally a new release...

It took me a lot of time, but finally I'm able to release something: Bathurst V2. Enjoy!

19/07/2007 |Silverstone Circuit V2: WIP

Posted by SLN

- Hamiltone Circuit...

The screenshot at the top of this page suggests that I'm working on a revamped texture update for ISI's Northamptonshire track. Unfortunately I have no idea when I will be able to finish the work.

20/05/2007 |Shore leave

Posted by SLN

- Quiet here lately...

Just letting everyone know that I'm taking a small break as I need to prepare for next month's exams. I did manage to replace the PayPal button with an updated version which no longer returns an error though, as I was getting some complaints about it.

10/05/2007 |Brands Hatch Problems

Posted by SLN

- CTD Reported...

I've uploaded a new version of Brands Hatch while in class, which fixes the CTD people were getting. I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience...

09/05/2007 |Brands Hatch texture update

Posted by SLN

- Photorealism...

I'm very happy to announce another texture update. This time it's a set for the newly released conversion of Brands Hatch by Lasercutter. You can download the set on this page.

08/05/2007 |News update

Posted by SLN

- Making some progress...

This is just a quick news update to inform you that I'm currently finalizing the Brands Hatch textures, and some serious work is being done for the second version of Bathurst, thanks to the very good photo material I've received from Andrew T. Screenshots will follow in a while ... but not today.

07/05/2007 |Birmingham Textures

Posted by SLN

- Finally another update...

After a couple of silent months, it's time for a new update. After Scott J updated his Birmingham track, I was kindly forced to make some new textures. You can get the new textures here.

28/04/2007 |Slowly getting there

Posted by SLN

- Time is still an issue...

After a few quiet months, I'm happy to announce that I've had some time to work on textures lately. Even though this might change again soon, I am very hopeful that I will have time next week to finish an updated set for the new version of the Birmingham MP track by Scott J.

12/03/2007 |No time

Posted by SLN

- Sad news...

I just wanted to inform everyone that I haven't had time to work on a single texture last month. This month will probably be even worse. So in case you wonder why things are extremely quiet here, now you know...

07/02/2007 |Brands Hatch Screens

Posted by SLN

- Found some time...

I have added a few screenshots of the texture work I'm doing for Lasercutter's Brands Hatch conversion to the previews section. The key words of this project are photorealism, some new techniques, and a lot of time and patience...

27/01/2007 |GP4 Suzuka Texture Update

Posted by SLN

- Second update of the year...

TTTTT's conversion of GP4 Suzuka is another favorite of the community, and I've been getting a lot of requests for this one, so, here it is.

25/01/2007 |Bahrain texture update

Posted by SLN

- Finally showing some life signs again...

It's been a very long time since I've updated the site. My studies have been keeping me extremely busy, but I finally found some time to announce something...
I would like to thank the entire community for showing their support in the rFactorCentral 2006 Mod of the Year award voting. It was quite an emotional moment when I first saw the result. But instead of improvising a 1000 methods of saying thanks, I thought it would be better to release the first update of the year: Bahrain. It's not a revolutionary update, but the most noticeable change should be a small/medium increase in performance as a result of a reduced video memory load...

31/12/2006 |Bathurst (Mount Panorama) Released

Posted by SLN

- Final update of the year

Even though I'm connected at sub-smallband speed, I wanted to release one last update this year, Bathurst. Enjoy!

25/12/2006 |Livet Glen Released

Posted by SLN

- Mirror...

Alex Sawczuk from iDT has released his scratch-built Livet Glen track. Because I did some texture work for the track, I asked if I could mirror it here.

24/12/2006 |Suzuka: WIP Screens

Posted by SLN

- Some early screens...

I've been told that TTTTT's converted Suzuka is very popular in the community, so I'vs started working on a few textures. I've put the first screens on the Previews page. There's still a lot to be done, so not expect a release soon, as my course books are keeping me rather busy.

23/12/2006 |Christmas present: Sepang textures

Posted by SLN

- Merry Christmas...

I promised a present, but after I saw TTTTT's Sepang conversion, I decided to go for a different kind of present. You can download the set of updated Sepang textures here.

20/12/2006 |Norisring: First Screens

Posted by SLN

- Christmas release?

Before opening the school books, I wanted to spend a little more time working on textures, so I started doing a set for Com8's Norisring conversion. The first screens can be found here

18/12/2006 |Early "Merry Christmas"

Posted by SLN

- And a big thank you...

As the end of the year is nearing, I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the past year in the form of positive replies in forum threads, guestbook entries and donations. They all make the texture work a lot easier, knowing that I do this stuff for a very kind public. The fact that a few people have donated a bit allowed me to get a few small things to enjoy the holidays, so thanks! I specifically wish to thank Revzalot Motorsports as well for showing their support through sponsorship in my updates.

Donations€ 30
Sponsorship€ 20
Total€ 50

So for everyone who wants to get away from the computer during the holidays, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Christmas presents may/will come soon, and I hope to see you all again soon!

17/12/2006 |Watkins Glen Texture Update

Posted by SLN

- Released...

As part of a small Christmas action (and to bribe some people to vote for me in the rCentral MOTY), I am pleased to announce that I have released a texture update for the Watkins Glen track. The mapping tied my hands a lot, but I hope you'll like it. You can download the update here.

16/12/2006 |AF-RF1: Released

Posted by SLN

- Early Christmas present...

I wanted to be early this year and have released a texture set for Afdelta's fictional AF-RF1 track. It's a popular, detailed, and nicely textured track, so check it out!

16/12/2006 |Exams

Posted by SLN

- It's that time of the year...

Just wanted to let everyone know that it's going to be rather quiet here for the next couple of weeks as I need to concentrate on my studies. However, keep a close eye on the site as I plan to give an early Christmas present to the community.

01/12/2006 |rFactorCentral Mod of the Year Awards

Posted by SLN

- And facing sickness on my birthday...

"Announcing the inaugural rFactorCentral MOTY Community Awards. Featuring Car of the Year, Track of the Year, Addon of the Year and 24 category awards."

A big thankyou to Mombassa for entering "Track Textures by SLN" in the list for "Addon of the Year"!

On a sad note, I can't give any birthday presents to the community this year as I'm a bit sick.

28/11/2006 |Autobahn Country Club

Posted by SLN

- Released...

I have uploaded a texture update for Cyruscloud's Autobahn Country Club track. You can find it on this page.

27/11/2006 |AF-RF1: Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Work in progress...

It's been a while since I last updated the site. However, that doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything lately. The Autobahn texture set is almost done, and I've started working on some textures for Afdelta's fictional AF-RF1 track. I've added a couple of screens on the previews page.

19/11/2006 |Autobahn: First Screens

Posted by SLN

- Next update...

I'm slowly working on the next texture set. It might take a while though, as it's got a unique mapping system. However, I've uploaded a couple of screens here.

17/11/2006 |Grand Valley Track Textures

Posted by SLN

- Released...

All things considered, it was nice working on a track like Grand Valley, as it allowed me to experiment some more with the textures. You can download it here.

16/11/2006 |Grand Valley: Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Teaser shots...

I had some time to work on the Grand Valley textures, and I wanted to share a few screenshots showing the current status.

15/11/2006 |Essington Park Textures: V2

Posted by SLN

- Second version...

Essington Park was the next track in the line of bringing up to my new standards. The old version added a nice atmosphere to the track, and because I've tried to stick to that atmosphere, I would call the set an evolution rather than a revolution. The detailedness, however, has been greatly improved. The textures can be downloaded here.

12/11/2006 |Mills Metro Park V4

Posted by SLN

- A new update...

I have been planning this update for quite a while. As Mills is still considered to be a popular track, I thought it couldn't hurt bringing it up to my new standards. If you liked the previous Mills update, then you are going to love this one!

11/11/2006 |Updated logos for Jacksonville and Orchard Lake

Posted by SLN

- More variation...

I noticed that I used duplicate logos for Orchard Lake, and that I had forgotten to update all original logos for Jacksonville, so I made a small expansion. The new logos are packed in a different file, and the DDS files should be dropped in the main track folder (where the MAS files are placed). You might even get 1 extra frame per second at Orchard Lake, as I have optimised the DDS types for the logos. Both 200k files can be downloaded from their respective track pages.

11/11/2006 |JoesVille Speedway V2

Posted by SLN

- A quick update...

I've released a second version of Joesville, and though it may have been a quick update, it sure changes the feel of the track completely compared to the first version. It's available on this page.

11/11/2006 |Livet Glen: Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Track project by The Lonely

I've uploaded some screens of the fictional Livet Glen track by The Lonely, showing the progress of both the model and the textures. You can find them here.

10/11/2006 |Autopolis Track Update

Posted by SLN

- A quick update...

While I was browsing the RSC Forums, I found out about an Autopolis track. The quality of the default textures caught my eye, so I decided to make a quick update for the track. You can download the Autopolis textures here.

09/11/2006 |Livet Glen

Posted by SLN

- WIP track by The Lonely...

Some of you may have noticed on rCentral that I'm working on some textures for The Lonely's Livet Glen, which is currently still under construction. Screenshots of the track may be posted here later, but they can be found on rCentral's Livet Glen page for now.

06/11/2006 |Laguna Seca Texture Set

Posted by SLN

- Released...

It took me a while, but I've finally released another set of updated textures. This time I spent some time editing (and optimising!) the textures of Com8's conversion of the Laguna Seca track. Better graphics and better performance can be found here.

04/11/2006 |Experimenting

Posted by SLN

- With road textures...

A couple of weeks have passed without any update. That doesn't mean I'm not busy though. I'm slowly making progress on some new road textures. I used ISI's Northamptonshire to test them, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use them for that particular track or another. Check out the WIP screens here.

19/10/2006 |Sardian Heights V2

Posted by SLN

- Released

Less than 24 hours after the Nürburgring update, I'm pleased to announce yet another update: Sardian Heights V2. I felt that the old update wasn't up to my new standards, so I made a new version, which can be downloaded on this page.

18/10/2006 |Nürburgring Track Update

Posted by SLN

- Released...

It's about time I released another update. This time it's the Nürburgring by ISI. The set contains medium resolution textures (same size as the original textures by ISI) to keep the framerate high enough. You can download the textures here.
Time for ISI to start releasing more tracks!

18/10/2006 |Nürburgring: First Screens

Posted by SLN

- High demand...

People have subtly reminded me that the Nürburgring is the only ISI I still need to retexture, so I've started working on it. After a couple of hours, these screens show the current status.

16/10/2006 |Sardian Heights V2: First Screens

Posted by SLN

- Filling the gaps...

As I'm currently waiting for reference material for Bathurst, I started working on a new version of the Sardian Heights textures. I felt that it could need an update after reviewing what I've released recently. The first screens can be found here.

11/10/2006 |Toban Raceway Park: Released!

Posted by SLN

- My best update so far...

I've uploaded a new version of the Toban textures. The most noticeable changes are the road and grass textures, but a lot of other textures have been given a higher resolution to make this update my best ever. You can get it here.
I've also released two new Misc updates: a camper and a track marshal texture, both in high resolution. You can download both updates here.

10/10/2006 |Ford Transit Van Texture

Posted by SLN

- To improve the general feel...

I've just uploaded a very small update for the Ford Transit van used by ISI on most stock tracks. The old texture wasn't detailed, so I thought it wouldn't hurt replacing it with a very detailed version, without compromising game performance. You can download it here.

07/10/2006 |Jacksonville problem

Posted by SLN

- Had to reupload...

I apologize to those who have already downloaded the Jacksonville update before I post this message. There was a small error in the MAS file, and I have already uploaded the right file.

07/10/2006 |Jacksonville Update

Posted by SLN

- Finally completed...

Some people have been pushing me to finish the Jacksonville textures, but to be honest, it was almost impossible to produce something acceptable without having any good reference. So I'd like to ask to anyone who has high resolution photos of ovals, please let me know for future use...
Oh, almost forgot, you can get the Jacksonville upate here...

07/10/2006 |Toban Raceway Park: WIP

Posted by SLN

- Fourth version, I think...

I got some comments saying that my old updates are less detailed and immersive than the ones I released recently, so I decided to take a small break from texturing real life tracks, and started working on a new version of Toban. It's going to be a complete overhaul, and it's ideally suited for experimenting with stuff I can use for future projects. You can find the screens here.

05/10/2006 |Bathurst: New Screens

Posted by SLN

- Adding a detail or two...

Thanks to Andrew T, I've been able to replace a few things with highly detailed photorealistic textures. A big thanks!
Check out the newly added screens on the Previews page.

03/10/2006 |Jiading Circuit (Shanghai): Released

Posted by SLN

- Only two days after the race...

I'm happy to announce that I've released a Jiading texture update. I didn't change too much, but the changes are nevertheless noticeable. Get it here.

02/10/2006 |Jiading: More Screens

Posted by SLN

- After a long day of school...

I've posted some new preview screens of Jiading, after reworking most of the billboards around the track.

01/10/2006 |Jiading: First Screens

Posted by SLN

- Chinese Grand Prix...

After today's Grand Prix, I started working on some Jiading/Shanghai textures. And although I haven't progressed very far yet, I wanted to show a few screens.
I've also spent some time working a bit on the site. The track tables can now be sorted, and I've replaced the About page with a FAQ section.

28/09/2006 |New Megane Skin

Posted by SLN

- Between two track updates...

I was getting tired of track textures for a while, so I spent some time finishing my Megane skin in the black/blue/yellow/grey livery.

28/09/2006 |More Bathurst Screens

Posted by SLN

- Update coming along nicely...

Thanks to F1Alive for helping me out a bit with the track, I've been able to spend my time on Bathurst more efficiently. As a result, the progress bar at the top of this page now says 20%. I've added some new screens here.

27/09/2006 |Bathurst: First Screen

Posted by SLN

- The wish of the public...

Although ISI released Shanghai today, I wanted to spend some time to work on my next project: ORSM's Bathurst. It proves to be quite a challenge, as it's somewhat different than the previous tracks I've updated (mostly the grass and vegetation), but I wanted to show a very first screen of what I did in a couple of minutes.
I'd also like to ask if any of my loyal visitors has personal pics of Bathurst, preferably in high resolution. If you have any, please feel free to use the contact form to discuss the terms and methods of sharing...

26/09/2006 |Autodromo Nazionale della Brianza Released!

Posted by SLN

- The long awaited update...

After tonight and this morning's database problems, I'm pleased to announce that I've put the Brianza update online. Many of you requested this update, and I hope that many of you will try it out. The download link can be found on this page.

24/09/2006 |Autodromo di Brianza: First Screens

Posted by SLN

- Finally working on the long awaited Brianza...

Because I was overwhelmed with requests for Brianza, I decided to take a look at the textures and tried to see where it could need some improvement. The first screens can be seen here.

21/09/2006 |Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit

Posted by SLN

- Released...

I've finished working on the Lienz textures and I've uploaded it here. The trees, grass and road textures are probably the most noticeable changes. Happy racing...

20/09/2006 |Lienz Festival Preview

Posted by SLN

- A larger project...

I don't have school today, so I decided to work on a new texture set for Lienz. And although the track textures are far from complete, the first screens are available here.

19/09/2006 |School

Posted by SLN

- Less time for updates...

As you may have noticed, it's been on the quiet side at SLN Updates lately. This is because I, like many of you I suppose, have to go back to school. This means that I will have considerably less time to work on updates, and I've also planned some technical site changes for next weekend. However, whenever I find a few minutes, I will work on some textures for a new project. Feel free to send comments about the updates I released recently, sign my guestbook, or even donate a dollar or two, or anything else to help keeping the motivation high enough so I can spend every minute I have on something new (and quite big) for all of you.

17/09/2006 |Guestbook active once again

Posted by SLN

- After a few months of closure...

A few months ago my guestbook got flooded with spam bots, so I took it offline. Now I've taken a small break from texturing to write a small script that will allow me to check each message manually before it gets posted in public. So if you tried writing something in my guestbook lately and got an error, please accept my apologies for not informing you earlier, and feel free to try again.

15/09/2006 |Circuit Gilles Villeneuve released!

Posted by SLN

- Textures for the track included in the 1.150 patch

I'm happy to announce that I've uploaded the Montréal track update. I didn't change too much, considerably less files than usual, which means that ISI has done quite a good job on the textures. You can find some screenshots and the download link on this page.

14/09/2006 |Announcing the next update: Montréal, Canada

Posted by SLN

- Busy day...

Only a few hours after releasing Orchard Lake, I'm happy to post the first screenshot of the next update, Montréal. It's only in its very first stage of development, but if the past few days can be an indication, things might go fast. As usual, work in progress screens can be found in the Previews section.

14/09/2006 |Orchard Lake Track Update

Posted by SLN

- A new facelift...

After Lime Rock Park, it was fun making new textures for a fictional track. My imagination came up with a new version of my Orchard Lake textures, which you can get here.

13/09/2006 |Orchard Lake Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- A track that deserved a second facelift...

While I was browsing my site this morning looking for errors, I noticed that my first Orchard Lake update was really poor quality compared to the textures I released recently. As this is still a very popular track among gamers, I decided to delay other updates in order to give Orchard Lake another facelift. The first screens can be found in the Previews section.

13/09/2006 |Lime Rock Park Track Update

Posted by SLN

- First release since last month...

I was able to finish the Lime Rock Park update this morning, so I uploaded it as fast as I could. You can get it on this page.

11/09/2006 |Rhez, ZR and Lime Rock

Posted by SLN

- Rest and Relaxation...

Because I was getting a bit frustrated with a few Lime Rock textures, I decided to take a small break and finish some car skins I started a while ago. The result is that both my Vayline Rhez 2005 and Kodi ZR skins are available here. I've also uploaded some more Lime Rock screens in the Previews section over the past two days.

09/09/2006 |Lime Rock Park Preview

Posted by SLN

- First screens...

After being away for three weeks, it's time to work on some new textures. This time, I'm updating Uzzi's Lime Rock Park. The first screens are available here.

14/08/2006 |News update

Posted by SLN

- A few things...

After working on the Birmingham and Barcelona textures for 70 hours in just four days, I had to take a small break and decided to put some creativity in a few car skins, such as a new Porsche and Howston skin, as well as an older Megane skin I always forgot to upload. All of them have been rendered by CpR.Be and are available in the Misc section. I won't be able to work on textures much in the next three weeks, so it's going to be a bit quiet on this site for a little while.

09/08/2006 |Birmingham MotorPlex Track Update

Posted by SLN

- Finally completed...

I announced this update months ago, but I never really had the time to complete the entire set. So after warming up again with the Silverstone and Barcelona updates, I thought it was time to spend some time on Scott J's excellent Birmingham. You can get the textures here.

08/08/2006 |Barcelona Track Update

Posted by SLN

- Circuit de Catalunya...

Because some people told me they don't like some of the textures of the ISI Barcelona track, I decided to create a small set of textures. The main changes are the road and adboard textures. Get it here.

07/08/2006 |Circuit de Catalunya Preview

Posted by SLN

- A few screens...

After spending some time working on the site layout (the most noticeable change is the Flash menu/animation above), people were telling me that the Barcelona circuit included in the latest patch by ISI urgently needed some new textures. After a couple of hours, these screens show how the set of updated track textures have progressed up to now...

05/08/2006 |Patched carskins

Posted by SLN

- Compatible with v1.150...

Because the 1.150 patch changed so many aspects of the game, my older car skins weren't compatible anymore. The new versions have been uploaded here.

04/08/2006 |Northamptonshire Track Update

Posted by SLN

- Finally another update...

Finally another update, and it seems that I've lost some of my old news articles in the process. Because ISI released some tracks with the latest patch, I've decided to replace the Intel, ... adboards of the Northamptonshire track with the real logos, and I made some other changes as well. You can get the update here!

10/03/2006 |Sardian Heights Track Update

Posted by SLN

- Finally another update...

After watching the practice session at Bahrain, I found enough motivation to finish the Sardian Heights update. It's not a *big* update, but it will still slightly change the feel of the track though. You can get it here.

05/03/2006 |Site Construction

Posted by SLN

- Some bugfixing

Just letting you know that I had decided to take a small break from texture work after the Orchard Lake set, to be able to improve the site a bit by brushing up on my ASP skills (that's why you may have noticed an "HTTP 500 - Internal server error" from time to time while browsing the site), as well as fixing the guestbook section. Should there be any problems left, feel free to let me know.
Also, with school starting again next week, I will have considerably less time to work on the next updates, but I can tell you that both Sardian Heigths and Jacksonville Superspeedway are coming along quite nicely. I should have time to release one of them next week.

02/03/2006 |Toban and Orchard Fixes

Posted by SLN

- Correcting some problems...

After getting some mails about people experiencing a small texture bug at Toban and a CTD at Orchard, I've uploaded two fixes which should solve all problems. You can get them on the track pages of Toban and Orchard.

02/03/2006 |Orchard Lake Speedway Track Update

Posted by SLN

- I've just completed work on another update...

I've managed to find some time to complete the next texture update: Orchard Lake Speedway, a typical old and used speedway…

28/02/2006 |New site layout and lots more

Posted by SLN

- Lots more...

Because the previous site layout was a bit aged, I thought it would be nice to change to something else after exactly two years. I hope you like the fresh look...
But there's more, quite a bit actually: some new Essington Park track textures, reworked and some new Toban Raceway Park textures and a small JoesVille Speedway set, as well as some skins I failed to release last month. And don't forget to check out the screens of the upcoming Sardian Heights set here...

26/02/2006 |The Wait

Posted by SLN

- A little longer...

Just be patient for a little longer. A couple of surprises will await you soon...

02/02/2006 |News Update

Posted by SLN

- Working secretly...

I wanted to let you know that my exams are over now, so I can spend some more time on the updates again. I would like to tell you that I'm secretly working on a few things which I will release soon, although my studies are still keeping me rather busy this month.

14/01/2006 |Exams

Posted by SLN

- For those who didn't know yet...

Just letting you all know that I'm in the middle of my exams right now, and that I won't have time to work on any updates until February. I hope to release a few things once I'm clear of the exams though...

25/12/2005 |Mills Metro Park V3 Fix

Posted by SLN

- Small fix...

I got some reports that the latest Mills update made the curbs and road lines very dark. I've managed to make some time to fix this. If you're playing with texture quality on High or lower, I recommend you get this fix.

25/12/2005 |Mills Metro Park V3 Released

Posted by SLN

- Finally another small update...

Unfortunately, I have suffered from a HDD failure last week and consequently have lost quite some gigabytes of data, including rFactor textures. I did manage to rescue a few of them, and as I couldn't give you a more spectacular Christmas present because of the bad luck, I decided to make a new version of the Mills textures, updated to my new standard and based on the Zolder textures. You can get the Mills update here...

03/12/2005 |Donington Trouble

Posted by SLN

- Seems like I'm not allowed to rest...

It seems that a lot of people are having trouble getting my latest Donington update to work. It would seem that I've been using an older version as a base for my update. I'm working on a fix to solve this problem.

02/12/2005 |Donington Park Texture Update

Posted by SLN

- Finally released...

About time I updated the site again. I've managed to upload the Donington Park update on which I've been working 'passively' during the last few weeks. You can get it here.
I've also deleted the links to the old F1 Challenge 99-02 updates as a lot of people were trying to get these working in rFactor.
Expect some news about Zolder very soon, hopefully…

14/11/2005 |Circuit Zolder: First Ingame Test

Posted by SLN

- And a small video showing the elevations...

I'm pleased to announce that I've been able to do a very first lap on the WIP Zolder. The main purpose was to test the layout and elevations. I also took some screenshots, and I forgot to upload a small video of the loft in 3DS. Next step will be the cambers, which will take some time as well, given the fact that I haven't heard anything from guido g since last friday...

09/11/2005 |More Donington Screens

Posted by SLN

- While Zolder is stuck at 2%...

Thought I'd upload some screens of the current situation. Quite a lot of things have been changed since the last time I posted screens, and the set is a step closer to completion...

03/11/2005 |Circuit Zolder: More 3D Objects

Posted by SLN

- Getting the hang of the mapping tool in 3DS...

Because I wasn't feeling at easy with the mapping tool in 3DS, I decided to make some more small objects. I started making some trucks, which will populate the paddock, and because the player will not have a constant view on the models, I thought it would be best to make them quite low poly, to maximize FPS. We're also showing two shots of the Circuit Zolder data we'll be using to recreate the track. Watch all shots here...

01/11/2005 |Donington Park Conversion Textures (Preview)

Posted by SLN

- Working on some textures for motorfx's conversion.

After spending some time working on Zolder, I needed something else to focus on. So I decided to take a look at the textures of motorfx's SBK2001 Donington Park conversion. The first screens of the texture development are available here.

30/10/2005 |First Zolder 3D Object

Posted by SLN

- Just keeping you updated...

I'm just letting you all know that I've started working on the first 3D objects for Circuit Zolder. I've still got a lot to learn, but I'm still somewhat proud that the first object I made didn't turn out to be a mess or a failure. Check out the very first renders here...

17/10/2005 |More Zolder Screens

Posted by SLN

- A few more...

I couldn't resist posting more screens of Zolder. I've also changed the page so there's room for more contents...

15/10/2005 |First Zolder WIP Screens

Posted by SLN

- Lofting in 3DSMax...

I've just uploaded the first work in progress screens of the new Zolder track. Check them out here!

15/10/2005 |Project_Zolder

Posted by SLN

- A huge challenge...

Just take a look here...

04/10/2005 |Toban v2 Released!

Posted by SLN

- New version...

I've uploaded version 2 of my Toban update a minute ago. Many things have changed since the last version. It feels very different in my opinion. Get it here! I'm still working on the Rhez...

03/10/2005 |Release day soon

Posted by SLN

- releaseFactor...

Just letting you know that if all goes well I'll be releasing the planned v2 of Toban tomorrow, together with a small skin of the Rhez car...

29/09/2005 |Toban v2 Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Added some screens of the new version...

Like I said yesterday, I'm working on a new version of the Toban Raceway Park update. To give you an idea of what has changed, I've posted 14 new screens...

28/09/2005 |Toban v2

Posted by SLN

- New version...

Because some people complained that my Toban update looks very similar to the default track, I decided to delay some other projects and work on a second version of Toban, since there probably won't be any new tracks released soon. I just wanted to tell you that I'm not lazy and enjoy doing nothing...

27/09/2005 |SLN Updates Racing Team Cars

Posted by SLN

- FormulaIS and Howston H6...

After getting a few requests of releasing the car skins I've been working on for the past two weeks, I decided to put both of them on my site so they're available for everyone. Both cars are human player only, so you'll have to buy it in the game. Get them in the new Misc section!

27/09/2005 |Toban Raceway Park Released

Posted by SLN

- Second release for rFactor...

I've just finished uploading my Toban Raceway Park update. A few things have changed to make it look more like a real race track, but I didn't spend an eternity working on it, because of other projects I'm planning...

25/09/2005 |More Toban Screens

Posted by SLN

- A few more...

I've changed a few things on the Toban textures since the last news post, so I thought I'd keep you updated. If all goes well, I can release it tomorrow, maybe even today. The screens can be found in the Previews section.

21/09/2005 |Some site changes

Posted by SLN

- Both graphical and coding...

I guess many of you will have noticed the few graphical changes on this site. I've decided to add a car to this dull layout.
I've also changed the news and archiving system, which will make it much easier for me to update the site.
(I'm still working on Toban BTW...)

20/09/2005 |Toban Raceway Park Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Some early screens...

After finishing the Mills update last week, I got overwhelmed with requests for a Toban update. So I decided to take a quick look at the textures and try to change a few things. Check out the Previews section for some 13 screenshots. I'm not completely satisfied with the current result, and the current version is not even ready for a release yet...

16/09/2005 |Updated Mills Metro Park Version

Posted by SLN

- Keeping you updated...

I thought I'd release an update of the Mills Metro Park update I've released on Wednesday. Lots of things have changed. I hope you like it...

16/09/2005 |Mills Metro Park Preview Screens

Posted by SLN

- Learning more about rFactor...

I've been working a bit more on the Mills textures to raise my bar a bit more, and I've taken a few screenshots from one of the test runs. As usual, they're available in the Previews section...

14/09/2005 |First Update For rFactor

Posted by SLN

- A new beginning...

finally got hold of rFactor, and started to work on some texture modifications as soon as possible. Because the original textures were a huge improvement over F1 Challenge, I thought it would be better to get accustomed to the new DDS format and the way rFactor uses textures by modifying the default ones rather than make new ones at this point. The first update is Mills Metro Park.

06/09/2005 |Small Paul Ricard Fix

Posted by SLN

- A bugfix and tarmac update...

I uploaded a fixed version of Paul Ricard. It changes the feel of the runoff areas into normal road feel, and it also fixes a small texture bug. Enjoy!

13/08/2005 |Zolder Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- A few more...

I wanted to show you how the Zolder update is progressing...

11/08/2005 |Zolder Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- A few shots...

I've been working on some tree textures, and decided to use them for the upcoming Zolder update. I have started from scratch for the textures, and I may have to do so again because I want to implement a few new things. Preview pics here...

08/08/2005 |Silverstone and Monza Updates

Posted by SLN

- Like the goold old days...

I remember from my last site that I usually released multiple updates on one day, so I thought I'd do it again this time. Silverstone is an evolution of the previous update, with new colors, grass textures and a few other details. Monza is an all-new update. I like it a lot...

07/08/2005 |New Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Work In Progress...

I've updated the screenshots of Monza, Nürburgring and Silverstone to what it looks like on my computer right now. I thought it was time to clean the previews page. The new ones are shown on top of the page, here.

04/08/2005 |McLaren MP4-20 (CTDP) Monza Testrun

Posted by SLN

- Back again...

Because Monza will be the next race, I decided to work a bit more on the textures for the Italian track. Please note that the screenshots have one small filter applied to accentuate the McLaren. As usual, preview pictures can be found here.

05/07/2005 |Magny-Cours Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Last site update...

Since I will be without a computer for the rest of the month, I decided to post some very early WIP screens of the upcoming Magny-Cours update here.

30/06/2005 |Paul Ricard Released

Posted by SLN

- With a small delay...

Finally another update available, here.

28/06/2005 |Paul Ricard Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Struggling for time...

With my exams over I now have time to spend on the tracks again. Both the Nürburgring and Montréal are still not finished, but I quickly reworked an update I did a few years ago: Paul Ricard. Here are the first screens...

13/06/2005 |Montréal Work In Progress Screens

Posted by SLN

- Trying to catch up...

I took some screenshots of the upcoming Canada update. It's still not final and a lot of textures still need to be changed or fixed. Check them out in the Previews section.

08/06/2005 |First Monza Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Forgot all about this...

I woke up this morning thinking about the track I started updating a few months ago, but never finished it because it wasn't planned for a public release. So when I had a bit of time I decided to take a few preview screens...

07/06/2005 |Road America Released

Posted by SLN

- Finished it at last...

I finally had 5 minutes time, so I decided to quickly finish the Road America textures since it was almost done before my exams started. Make sure to read the instructions. Get it here...

04/06/2005 |Exams

Posted by SLN

- Letting you know...

It's unusually quiet here, because I'm in the middle of my exams. I only got the time to write this, so I'm afraid there won't be any updates the next two weeks.

30/05/2005 |Road America Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- I know it's taking long now...

With my exams starting tomorrow, I don't have time to do the current F1 track updates. I will still try to make the adjustments so I can release them later, after the exams. But I couldn't leave you without something nice, so I posted a lot of screens of the near-finished Elkhart Lake update. I had redone almost all previously modified textures for a second time before I opened my books. Check them out in the Previews section.

24/05/2005 |Nürburgring Screenshots

Posted by SLN

- Next week's Grand Prix...

With only one week seperating the Monaco and European Grands Prix, not only the F1 teams, but even I, find myself working against the clock. The first screenshots can be found here.

22/05/2005 |A1-Ring Update

Posted by SLN

- My best one so far...

After I finished Monaco yesterday, I thought it was time to finish another update I've been working on. This time it's the A1-Ring, including the 2003 track by Tantra, as it is difficult to find on the net. Get it here...

22/05/2005 |More Screenshots...

Posted by SLN

- CTDP's WIP McLaren MP4-20 spotted on Road America.

I posted some new screenshots of the WIP Road America textures in the Previews section.

On a sidenote, the Jerez update was cancelled due to an authorisation dispute. Maybe some other day in the future...

21/05/2005 |A surprise...

Posted by SLN

- Thanks to a small cooperation between CTDP and SLN

Some interesting screenshots can be found in the Previews section. That's all I say...

21/05/2005 |Monaco 2005 Textures

Posted by SLN

- Only two hours after qualify...

Some small changes were required after seeing the track on TV this afternoon, but I managed to do them quickly enough to release the update before race day. You can get Monaco here.

20/05/2005 |Silverstone Track Update Released

Posted by SLN

- Finally a new release...

The exams are coming up again, so I decided to work a bit on the tracks that are nearly done. Today I managed to finish Silverstone. You can get it here.

14/05/2005 |Jerez Preview

Posted by SLN

- Another new track update preview...

Some new screenshots of an upcoming Jerez track update can be found in the Previews section.

14/05/2005 |Site Improvements

Posted by SLN

- Nothing new...

After a week of updating some textures for different tracks, I thought it was time to spend some time on the website. Inspired by Tantra's new website for GTR, I've made a small Work In Progress table.

13/05/2005 |Old F1 2002 Updates available again!

Posted by SLN

- For the vintage gamers...

Thanks to Misu from the Hungarian SimWorld, my old updates for F1 2002 are available once again. Thank you very much for the support HSW!

You can get them here.

11/05/2005 |Elkhart Lake/Road America Preview

Posted by SLN

- Some say this is the best track in the States...

I remember from my last website that a lot of people requested some nex textures for the Road America track by the RSDG, so I finally decided to make some time for it a few days ago. The "Work In Progress" results can be seen here.

And I would also like to request a favor: as my MAStudio isn't working, I'd like to know if someone could check in the 2005_Barcelona.mas which MTS includes the pitlane, so I can fix the missing red line between the boxes and the pitlane and contact me. Thanks.

10/05/2005 |Zolder Preview

Posted by SLN

- "In memoriam Gilles Villeneuve..."

Although it's two days late, some screenshots of an upcoming Zolder update have been posted here.

09/05/2005 |Monaco 2004 Preview

Posted by SLN

- "A tough track to tame..."

I've just completed another test run of the new Monaco textures I'm working on as a preparation for the next race of the championship. You can check them out by clicking the >>> Preview Screens <<< at the top of this page or by clicking here.

08/05/2005 |Barcelona 2005 Track Update

Posted by SLN

- Including the new layout...

I've uploaded the definitive (I hope) update for Barcelona 2005. It includes the 2004 shape by Barrybumhead and comes in two parts. Everyone needs the Base Textures (which is the Spainmap.mas) and a 2005-specific update (both CTDP and RH versions are available). Please note that the 2005 track will appear as a different track in the track selection menu as to not mess up with the 2004 season.

Get it here.

07/05/2005 |Working on some bugfixes

Posted by SLN

- Letting you know...

Thought you all should know that new versions for both Barcelona (2005) and Imola are underway. If anyone has solved the black grass texture for Imola on his own, please contact me. Thank you.

06/05/2005 |Imola 2005 kerb textures

Posted by SLN

- Small thing I forgot to pack...

I shouldn't have forgotten these. Get them here...

05/05/2005 |Some site changes

Posted by SLN

- While it's still hot...

Just wanted to let you know that I have changed a few things on the site.

-) Activation of my Guestbook;
-) Added a News Archive section;
-) Uploaded some previews of my next update (Silverstone) in the Previews section.

05/05/2005 |Imola Track Update

Posted by SLN

- As promised...

I finished making the last changes to the Imola track update, and as promised, it's released on schedule.

Get it here.

04/05/2005 |Barcelona Track Update

Posted by SLN

- First update on the relaunched site...

I've uploaded the Barcelona update this morning, so you guys can have fun with the new textures during the Grand Prix weekend when I'll be updating the track again with any changes they've made to the track, like the new asphalt surface.


Get it here.
Next will be the Imola 2005 update…

03/05/2005 |SLN Updates Back in Business

Posted by SLN

- Back online at Race Sim Central!

Welcome to the slightly renewed SLN Updates. Most of the site has been taken from my old site, but I felt I could do some changes to make it a little bit easier on the eyes. I'll be completing work on the site in the next few days

Alright, what will you be able to find here (soon)? Some updates, of course, in a higher resolution than the older updates, but still not as high as some other updates on the net, because I still want to find the best compromise between quality (pleasure of the eye), and performance (pleasure of the machine). Aside from the updates, my old fans will notice that I have put a PayPal button to the left of this text. Any kinds of donations will be greatly appreciated. I want you to know that I haven't put it there to pay my host, it's just for personal reasons, listed below the button.

And finally, a very big thank you to the guys at Race Sim Central for hosting my site, welcoming me warmly, and giving me a lot of confidence for the future.

Stay tuned!